X-Rays & Diagnostics

At Elmira Urgent Care we have a modern digital X-ray unit onsite. We offer X-ray service seven days a week. Patients will enjoy the convenience of this service as it allows us to immediately diagnose any conditions that depend on the availability of x-ray onsite. We perform x-rays of any parts of the body such as chest, spine joints or bones. This makes diagnosis of sport injuries to confirm or rule out a fracture very valuable and handy. Once the x-rays are done by our certified x-ray technologist the images are available for review by the provider. The patient has the opportunity to see the abnormality on the x-ray as well. We like to give the patient a visual impression of the finding they may have such as a bone fracture or pneumonia on the chest x-ray. All patients are offered to have a copy of the study on a CD. 

We offer the following diagnostic tests 

In-house  tests 

  • EKG
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Rapid Strep
  • Rapid Flu 
  • Covid – 19 rapid antigen test
  • TB skin test

Outside diagnostics


We can send patients to an outside lab or imaging center for further testing if needed

  • Blood workup
  • Ultrasound (body or vascular)
  • CT scan
  • MRI

         and More

When do we send patients to outside diagnostics?

In most cases we are able to diagnose the patient’s condition based on a thorough evaluation by our provider and the diagnostic tests we have available in-house. We are able to treat the patient accordingly without the need to send him or her for further blood tests  or diagnostic studies at an outpatient lab or imaging center. 

In moderate acuity illness that require further workup including lab and or imaging studies such as CT, US, or MRI, we arrange for the patient to have these  done stat if the condition meets the guidelines. 

Once the results of these tests or diagnostics are available to us, we call the patient with the results if all test are normal.

 In the cases where the tests are abnormal we ask the patient to come into the office so the provider can go over the findings and discuss the plan of care. 

In some cases the results of the blood tests or imaging studies mandate the patient proceed to the ER for admission. At the patients request the record, lab or imaging will be faxed to their primary care physician. 

We also facilitates patient’s higher care if needed by referring the patient to a subspecialist if needed.

Save time, money and a trip to the ER

Throughout the years of practice at Elmira Urgent Care, we have been able to help many patients avoiding very costly trips to the ER.

We provide the same evaluation, workup, and treatment done at an ER for moderate acuity, non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Our providers have many years of experience working in emergency medicine.

The charges at our clinic are a fraction of the cost for an ER visit and even the charges for outpatient lab and diagnostics are much cheaper than at an ER. We save patients and insurance literally thousands of dollars on every patient we are helping outside the ER loop.  

This service is of tremendous value for patients without insurance coverage. Our self-pay rates are very affordable compared to the ER. 

 Going to the ER for a moderate acuity illness is appropriate, however allowing us to help you in the outpatient setting without having to send you to the ER, is a huge time saver to you and will free up the resources at the local ER for the real sick patients with more serious and sometimes truly life threatening emergencies. 

We believe in the value of this approach. Our goal is to take care of our patients the best, most efficient and safe way. We will not work your case up, waste your time and money, if we think you need to be in the ER. As experienced ER providers if we think you need to be in the ER we can tell you quickly and not work your case up, waste your time or money. 

If you have a life-threatening or serious illness please do not waste valuable time seeking care at an urgent care. The ER is your only place to go to for higher care. We are not a higher care facility by any mean.