Akram Batniji, MD

Medical Director & Owner

Why choose us

Dear Patient,

Thank you for considering Elmira Urgent Care for your medical needs. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you. As a board-certified internist and emergency medicine physician, I am honored to utilize my medical skills and experience to help you in times of need for high-quality medical care.

At Elmira Urgent Care, we believe every patient deserves the best treatment in a friendly environment. Our goal is to make your visit to us an excellent experience.  Your well-being and speedy recovery is our ultimate goal. 

I established  Elmira Urgent Care to be a center of excellence and to provide patients with the best medical care in a timely fashion at the lowest cost possible. Having worked in different emergency rooms throughout the country, I noticed that our emergency rooms are overutilized.  From my experience in the ER setting, eighty percent of the ER visits can be successfully diagnosed and treated at advanced urgent care such as Elmira Urgent Care. 

At our Urgent Care, we diagnose and treat simple walk-in minor illnesses, but this is not all that we do and offer. I set up the clinic with the mindset and capability to handle moderate acuity, non-life-threatening medical emergencies. we offer patients the option of outpatient workup. Many medical conditions are treated in the emergency room setting that are non-life-threatening.  

At our urgent care center, we have the skills and experience to know which medical condition can be handled at our clinic versus the ER. 

We save patients money and valuable time.

We offer a wide range of procedures such as laceration repairs, abscess incision & drainage, foreign body removal, splinting of sprained or broken joints and bones, and treatment of any non-life-threatening injury. These services are done at literally a fraction of the cost of an ER visit.  

We invite you to try our service. We are here for you.

Akram Batniji, M.D.

Owner and Medical Director