urgent care

Pediatric Urgent Care You Trust the most

Onsite Services

We offer onsite x-rays and lab tests to care for your sick or injured child. We treat all minor emergencies from sprains and bruises, to cuts and broken bones. We place stitches and splint broken bones. We are open seven days a week with extended evening hours during the week. 



Accepted insurance

We accept most insurance plans. Please see the full list of insurance carriers we take, or call us to verify. Our self-pay rate for patients with no insurance coverage is very affordable. 

Our services are for pediatric urgent care visits only, which are covered by most insurance plans.

Sport & school physicals

We are here for you and your child for any required school, camp or sport physicals. We charge only $35 for the examination for children, who are sixteen years of age or younger. 

Common pediatric minor Illnesses we treat

  • acute otitis media (middle ear infection)
  • acute conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • acute otitis externa (ear canal infection)
  • upper respiratory infections
  • flu
  • sinus infections
  • strep throat
  • mild asthma
  • wheezing
  • fever
  • cough and acute bronchitis
  • allergy symptoms
  • rash
  • hives
  • insect and bug bites 
  • sprains and stains
  • cuts and bruises
  • sport injuries 
  • broken bones
  • cellulitis (skin infections)
  • viral illnesses
  • acute diarrhea

                and much more

onsite diagnostics

  • we offer onsite:
  • x-rays
  • EKG
  • rapid strep test
  • Flu swab test
  • COVID-19 rapid antigen test
  • mono test
  • urinalyses   

and more

procedures & treatments

  • Laceration repair
  • foreign body removal
  • splinting of broken bones
  • nebulizer treatment
  • IM antibiotic shots
  • Nose bleed control
  • Anti-Nausea medications
  • wax removal
  • sprained joints 
  • crutches and air splints
  • ortho immobilizers

and more

Our approach, promise, and commitment

At Atlantic urgent care we pay special attention to our younger patients. Caring for children can be challenging at times. We take the extra time to get a very thorough and detail history of present illness. We perform a meticulous physical exam on our pediatric patients. why relay mostly on the parents to tell us the story.


Our providers have many years of experience working in the emergency department and caring for sick children. This experience makes us very confident taking care of children of any age.


We take the extra time to talk to parents, address their concerns and answer all their questions. We make sure they understand the diagnosis and treatment plan. We involve them in the decision making process and consult them when to seek higher level of care . It is the trust parents place in us that moves us to go the extra mile caring for all our patient, especially the “little Angels”.


Finally we ensure the parents are happy and in agreement with the treatment plan before they leave our clinic. 

We promise to provide your child with the best medical care possible and are committed to the highest standards of care.